We search, source and match supply with demand in grapes, juice, bulk and bottled wines. We aim to provide the best brokerage service to the New Zealand wine industry.

KTB Brokerage is New Zealand’s premier wine brokering service. On a daily basis we search for, source and match suppliers with buyers of bulk and bottled wine, grapes, juice and all types of viticulture & winemaking equipment.

Prior to 1995 when KTB was first formed, there was no real independent brokerage service for the wine industry in New Zealand.

From the outset, demand was phenomenal and the business had to expand rapidly – proving that there was an active, vibrant marketplace for motivated wine industry vendors and buyers, so long as effective negotiation can take place. And that’s precisely what KTB does.

KTB Brokerage is in the business of effectively negotiating the sale of grapes, juice, bulk wine and cleanskins between buyers and sellers. We acquire samples of the wine for sale, present them to the interested parties and assist in price and payment terms.

In an ever-growing market, a vast amount of juice and wine is channeled through KTB Brokerage annually, this includes wines that are imported from Chile, Italy and Australia.

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Upon notification of the product for sale, the vendor completes a specification form, and organises sample bottles to be forwarded. KTB will initially check their clients on file who have registered their requirements. If a match is found, the potential purchaser will be contacted and a sample of wine sent. The wine for sale will also be listed on the KTB website and on the KTB weekly bulletin to the customer database.

When a purchaser is found for the wine, a sales agreement will be forwarded to the vendor, detailing the price and payment terms, including the intended purchaser’s name. A wine composition report will be obtained by KTB and forwarded to the purchaser with a copy of the spray diary, if available. If requested, a copy of the vendor winery’s audit report will also be provided, and a pre-shipment sample of the blended tank ready for despatch.

A purchase contract is forwarded to the buyer, and when both of the contracts are signed, KTB will advise each party to commence arrangements for transportation. The purchaser will pay for freight, and is responsible for insuring the wine in transit. After transportation, KTB will liaise with both parties regarding the exact volume to be invoiced.

KTB will endeavour to do all that they can to help with mediation of disputes involving volumes and differences between samples provided/tank samples/wine received but will not be held liable. In the unlikely event of a complaint, the purchaser has 2 working days (from the time that the wine reaches them) to notify KTB of any quality discrepancy between the wine received and the pre-shipment sample supplied. Should this be the case, the purchaser is to send 2 samples of the wine received to KTB. Two independent qualified laboratories will then analyse the pre-shipment and despatched wine samples to check for discrepancies. This will be paid for initially by KTB and invoiced accordingly to the outcome, ie, invoiced to the purchaser if the wine samples match, invoiced to the vendor if it is shown that the bulk wine differs from the pre-shipment sample.