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Treatment: Stainless Steel Fermentation Yes No %
Barrel Fermented Yes No %
Barrel Aged Yes No %
Chipped Yes No %
Beans Yes No %
Time in Oak
Winemaking: Malolactic Fermentation Yes No %
Protein Stabilised Yes No
Cold Stabilised Yes No
Sitting on Lees Now Yes No
Centrifuged Yes No
Earth Filtration Yes No     Type:
Pad Filtration Yes No
Addition Rate (if yes)
Wine Additives: Casein Yes No    
Egg White Yes No    
Isinglass Yes No    
Copper Sulphate Yes No    
(As CuSO4, 5H20) Yes No    
Asorbic Acid Yes No    
Other Questions:
Has an approved Export Spray Programme been followed? Yes No
Is the Spray Diary available if requested? Yes No
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Is the wine ready for transportation? Yes No
Have you complied with the SWINZ code of record keeping practices? Yes No
Is the wine export certified? Yes No
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