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Pinot Noir

Vintage Region Volume Price Description ID Request Sample
Pinot Noir
2018 Martinborough 2400L $8.15/L Martinborough pinot noir. 100% barrel aged for 13 months. Currently sitting on light lees and ready for transport. An export spray diary was followed and can be viewed along with winemaking records. SWNZ and WSMP accredited. Eligible for the EU market (sugar). TA 5.7g/L, pH 3.75, RS 0.0g/L, Alc 12.5%. 22667
2018 Otago 3000L $9.10/L 2018 Otago pinot noir from the subregion of Alexandra. 70% barrel aged, 30% aged on staves for 5 months. Not stable & currently sitting on lees, MLF is complete. All winery & vineyard records can be viewed. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. EU eligible. TA 5.6g/L, pH 3.6, RS <1.0g/L, Alc 13.5-14.0% (tbc). 22526
2018 Wairarapa 22,000L $6.60/L 2018 Wairarapa pinot noir. Aged in oak barriques and currently sitting on light lees. An export spray diary was followed and can be viewed, along with all winemaking records. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. The wine eligible for export (sugar). TA 5.5g/L, pH 3.70, RS <0.2g/L, Alc TBA 22676
2017 Hawkes Bay 4725L $5.60/L Grown in Maraekakaho, the wine has been aged in tank with chips then later on 100% in barrel. An export spray diary has been followed and can be viewed. As can winemaking records. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. The wine is eligible for EU markets (sugar). TA 5.01g/L, pH 3.7, RS 0.02g/L, Alc 11.8% 22643
2016 Canterbury 600L $4.10/L SEIBEL 5455 (Plantet). This wine would be suitable as a blending component for pinot noir. It is very strong in colour but would not alter the original character of the wine. Tank fermented then barrel aged for 10 months. The wine is currently sitting on light lees ready for transport. Spray diaries & additive reports can be provided. TA 7.7g/L, pH 3.38, alc 12.49%. 22279
2016 Hawkes Bay 2900L OFFERS Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir. An export spray schedule was followed. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. The wine is finished: heat & cold stable, malo complete & filtered. Aged on French staves. TA 6.02g/L, pH 3.86, RS 0.0g/L, alc 12%. 22303

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