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Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage Region Volume Price Description ID Request Sample
Sauvignon Blanc
2018 Waipara 28t $Neg 2018 FRUIT. 28t Sauvignon Blanc from Waipara. Other fruit available from the same supplier, Riesling 20t, Gewürztraminer 3t & Pinot Noir 15t. Please contact me on 021 421 221 for further information. 22380
2017 Gisborne 24,000L $neg Tank fermented Gisborne Sauvignon Blanc. Currently sitting on light lees in Auckland. An export spray program has been followed & diaries can be supplied along with winery additives. SWNZ & WSMP accredited. The wine is not EU eligible (sugar). TA 8.6g/L, pH 3.37, RS 0.48g/L, Alc 11.8% 22293
2017 Hawkes Bay 200,000L $3.60/L 100% tank fermented Sauvignon Blanc from Mangatahi. SWNZ recognised winery & vineyard. An export spray program has been followed & the wine is EU eligible. Currently protein stabilised, the wine can be delivered as finished wine. TA 6.45g/L, pH 3.35, RS 3.5g/L, Alc 12.4%. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans & coeliacs.Sam Kim rating 4.5 stars 22253
2017 Marlborough 380,000L $4.00/L Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 100% tank fermented. Currently not stable or filtered. All spray diaries & records can be provided. WSMP & SWNZ compliant. The wine is EU eligible. TA 8.87g/L, pH 3.16, RS 0.1g/L, ALc 12.66%. 22344
2017 Marlborough 30,000L $3.60/L Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from the Awatere Valley. All spray diaries & winery records can be supplied. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. EU eligible (sugar). Tank fermented. protein & cold stabilised but not filtered. Clean flavours & a weighty palate. TA 7.5g/L, pH 3.08, RS 4.5g/L, Alc 13.2%. 22394
2017 Marlborough 160,000L $4.10/L From the Waihopai Valley subregion. Tank fermented Sauvignon Blanc. Protein & cold stable, currently sitting on light lees. All winery & vineyard records can be viewed. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. TA 7.69g/L, pH 3.20, RS 1.0g/L, Alc 12.7%. 22375
2017 Marlborough 500,000L $3.30/L Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Tank fermented, protein & cold stable, cross flow filtered. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. All vineyard & winery records can be provided. EU eligible. TA 7.14g/L, pH 3.42, RS 4.96g/L, Alc 12.1%. 22437
2017 Wairarapa 15,000L $2.30/L Wairarapa sauvignon blanc, picked very clean with less than 1% botrytis (photos are available). An export spray program was followed & can be supplied along with winery records. WSMP & SWNZ compliant. TA 3.27g/L, pH 8.5, RS 1.0g/L, Alc 11.9%. Protein & cold stabilised. 22296
2016 Central Otago 7kL $neg Located in Central Otago. 100% 2016 Central Otago Gibbston Sauvignon Blanc. Wine analysis: TA:TBA, pH:3.16, RS:0.0g/L, Alc/vol:11.1%. Spray diary, wine composition & reports can be supplied. NZWSMP & SWNZ vineyard and winery. EU eligible, export spray programme followed. 100% stainless steel ferment, currently sitting on lees. Please contact KTB for spec sheet/info and sample. 22107
2016 Hawke's Bay 53kL $3.50/L 100% Hawkes Bay 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. 81% Raukawa 18% Mangatahi. Stainless steel ferment. TA 6.7g/L, pH 3.42, RS:2.48g/L Alc/vol: 11.55%, grapes picked at 19.2 brix. All compostion, spray diaries & compliance reports available. SWNZ & NZWSMP compliant. EU eligible and export spray programme followed. 22047
2016 Hawkes Bay 8000L $Neg Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc. An export spray program was followed. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. Protein & cold stable but not filtered. TA 8.12g/L, pH 3.12, RS 4.72g/L, Alc 11.56%. 22340
2016 Kapiti Coast 24-48kL $3.20/L Kapiti Coast Sauvignon Blanc. TA:8.4g/L, pH:3.22, RS:3.2g/L, Alc/vol: 11.6%. Spray diary, wine composition, reports can be supplied. NZWSMP & SWNZ vineyard and winery. EU eligible, export spray programme followed. 92% Stainless steel ferment, 8% barrel ferment & barrel aged. Protein & Cold Stable. Cross-flow filtered. Please contact KTB for spec form or sample. 22096
2016 Marlborough 10kL $4.50/L ORGANIC 2016 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. awaiting spec sheet from vendor, please contact KTB for further info or sample. 22093
2016 Marlborough 50,000L $4.20/L From the Wairau valley, the wine has been 100% tank fermented, is stable, filtered & bottle ready. Spray diaries & additive reports can be supplied. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. The wine meets EU criteria, an export spray program has been followed & has been multi residue tested. TA 6.9g/L, pH 3.26, RS 4.0g/L, alc 13.4%. 22242
2016 North Canterbury 22kL $3.50/L North Canterbury 2016 Sauvingnon Blanc. Awaiting spec sheet from vendor. Please contact KTB for further info or sample. 22024

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