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Cleanskins - Red

Vintage Region Volume Price Description ID Request Sample
Cleanskins - Red
2015 Central Otago 336 doz $149.00/c +GST & excise PINOT NOIR 100% CO, mixed clones. Hand harvested 24 brix 3.32pH 8.3 TA Current analysis 3.65pH 4.5g TA. Plain screw cap. Plain carton. Export certified. 22046
2013 Hawkes Bay 150 cases $125.00/case (+GST &excise) A merlot (95%) cabernet franc (5%) blend. 100% aged in barrel for 12 months. WSMP & SWNZ accredited. Export certified. TA 5.1g/L, pH 3.63, RS 0.18g/L, Alc 13.14%. Packaged in Bordeaux Antique green bottles with plain screw caps. Stored in bins. 22353
2012 Auckland 130 cases $90.00/case +GST & excise SYRAH 57%, CABERNET FRANC 25%, MERLOT 18%. CERTIFIED ORGANIC. TA: 4.8g/L, RS:0g/L, Alc/vol:12.1%. Spray diary, wine composition & reports can be supplied. NZWSMP & SWNZ vineyard and winery. EU eligible, export spray programme followed & export approved. 100% barrel ferment & aged for 12mths. In burgundy bottles, plain black screwcap & in bins. Located in Auckland. 21608
2011 Hawkes Bay 560 Cases $Neg/case +GST & excise MERLOT. 95% merlot, 5% cabernet franc from Hawkes Bay. Clones 181 & Erindale were carefully handpicked then fermented. 22% of the blend has been barrel aged for 8 months, the balance was aged in tank with oak chips. Gently egg white & copper fined prior to bottling into Bordeaux antique green bottles with plain caps. Analysis at bottling (February 2012) TA 5.9g/L, pH 3.53, Alc 13.5%.AN export spray program was followed & can be supplied 22251
2008 Canterbury 125 cases $131.00/case +GST & excise From the subregion of Selwyn the wine has been barrel aged for 11 months. All spray diaries & winery records can be supplied. WSMP compliant & an export spray program has been followed. TA 8.2 - 9.7g/L, pH 3.4 - 3.43, alc 12.5%. Packaged in Burgundy bottles with black caps & packed in 12 bottle cases. 22269

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